935880_10151518764051541_1378906641_nHello There!

My name is PJ Moon and I love helping people creatively think about how they market their events, businesses, and even their personal lives. In today’s society, it is not just important that you stand out, but are being CLEARLY heard. I have had the privilege over the last decade to work with organizations, businesses, and even schools to help them both design and maintain their current marketing needs. Whether its graphic design, website building, printing, and even Social Media management, I have seen the difference good marketing can have on the momentum of a company or event.

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  • Basic Design – $50/hr
  • Print/ Design – $50/hr for design, Printing costs are variable depending on the need
  • Social Media – $50/hr for designing Social Media Pages and $50/hr for maintaining any and all page
  • WordPress Website – $1000 (includes consultation, web hosting, design, implementation, and training)
  • WordPress Website  Maintenance – $50/hr

Please call or email me today if you need more detailed pricing, as I know things in the design world are never quite black and white.


-PJ Moon